WHEN: August 20, 2016


E L E M E N T: Fire

O R G A N S: Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, San Jiao

E M O T I O N: Joy

T A S T E: Bitter

C O L O R: Red

S E A S O N: Summer

Signs your Fire element is out of balance:

  • anxiety or palpitations
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • hopelessness
  • attempt to control self or others
  • lack of boundaries
  • dissatisfaction with intimate relationship
  • loneliness
  • inability to be vulnerable or let love into your heart
  • hot flashes
  • heart disease
  • skin eruptions
  • constant heartbreak
  • blood and circulatory disorders 

How you will feel when your fire element is in balance:

  • ability to give and receive love
  • ability to communicate clearly and resolve conflicts
  • joyful
  • satisfaction with intimacy and relationships
  • trust
  • clear boundaries
  • clear speech
  • maturity
  • passion.