session three: balancing the metal element

WHEN: September 24, 2016


E L E M E N T: Metal

O R G A N S: Lungs | Large Intestine

E M O T I O N: Grief | Sadness | Letting go

T A S T E: Pungent

C O L O R: White

S E A S O N: Fall


Signs your Metal element is out of balance:

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • chronic bronchitis
  • inability to grieve
  • attachment and inability to let go of things
  • breathing issues
  • frequent colds and flus
  • constipation
  • overly critical
  • extreme sadness that cannot be released
  • skin rashes & eczema

How you will feel when your Metal element is in balance:

  • ability to release and let go of emotions
  • organized
  • clear skin
  • easily able to breathe
  • strong immune system
  • healthy bowels
  • self-disciplined 
  • open sinuses