Session five: balancing your wood element

WHEN: October 22, 2016


E L E M E N T: Wood

O R G A N S: Liver | Gallbladder

C O L O R: Green

E M O T I O N: Anger

T A S T E: Sour

S E A S O N: Spring


Signs that your Wood element is out of balance:

  • excessive anger
  • inappropriate ways of expressing anger
  • PMS
  • painful periods
  • inability to handle stress
  • difficulty making decisions
  • feeling stuck in life
  • lack of direction
  • workaholic
  • irritability and easily frustrated
  • migraines
  • hip pain
  • neck and shoulder tension
  • IBS

How you will feel when your Wood element is in balance:

  • carefree
  • clear vision and goals
  • ability to make decisions easily
  • ability to handle stress
  • painfree periods
  • flexible, both physically and emotionally.