If you use the internet and are on social media, then you are probably aware of the fact that it is breast cancer awareness month. I would like to use this opportunity to share some wisdom from Chinese Medicine, as it is predominantly a preventative medicine, and the best way to treat anything is to prevent it.

Even if you have a family history of breast cancer and it is in your genes, that does not mean that the gene will express itself. If you do possess the gene, it means that you need to be much more proactive about your health than someone who does not. I would highly recommend regular Acupuncture treatments for anyone in this category. This could mean once a month, or with the change of the seasons, to keep the body in balance. If you are starting to shows signs or symptoms of disease in the breast, then 1-2 treatments/week is more sufficient until symptoms subside. Treatment plans will be individually tailored to meet your specific needs, and can be discussed during your consultation.

In Chinese medicine, the energetic channels that run through the breast are the kidney, stomach, spleen, liver and pericardium channels. The emotions associated with these organ systems are fear (kidney), over-worrying (spleen/stomach), anger (liver), and anxiety/joy (pericardium). Emotions that are not dealt with in a healthy manner, can cause disturbances in those channels, thus blocking proper flow of energy throughout different parts of the body. 

With all breast disease, there is almost always (some would say always) an emotional component. Many women get sore and swollen breasts premenstrually, along with sadness, frustration, and agitation. This in Chinese Medicine is usually associated with a stagnant liver, and pent-up anger. Anger is a normal emotion and when expressed well, and openly, is a very healthy and natural thing. This anger does not need to be thrown on another person, but can be released with exercise, hitting a pillow, journaling, or with meditation. When we let emotions bottle up inside of us, they start to affect our internal body. This can also manifest physically as migraines, headaches, shoulder/hip pain, and painful periods. If you are feeling any of the aforementioned symptoms, your liver is most likely out of balance. 

Another cause of blockage of energy in the body is what we call internal cold. Signs of this are cold hands and feet, always feeling chilled, and poor circulation. Warmth and heat is what moves things in our body, whether it be energy or blood. When there is not enough heat, things get congealed, which can cause lumps and tumors. To correct this internal balance it is crucial to eat foods that are warm in temperature and in nature. For a person that runs cold, I would recommend staying away from a raw diet. These diets are better suited for people that already run warm and have robust constitutions. Make sure to eat cooked vegetables, and add in warming spices such as ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. Stay away from iced beverages, and instead drink liquids at room temperature or warm. Cold beverages weaken the digestive fire, and over time cause a lot of digestive issues. Regular exercise also keeps your body warm, and properly circulated.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your breasts healthy and prevent breast cancer using Chinese Medicine.

Emotional Release:

-Voicing your feelings

-Hitting a pillow, kicking a soccer ball, or dancing to release pent-up emotions




-Stay away from cold foods and iced beverages.

-If you run cold add in warming spices such as ginger, turmeric, and black pepper.

-Don't eat when you are stressed out. Try to relax and stay centered while eating.

-Cut down on dairy consumption, or switch to raw grass-fed dairy. Dairy increases the production of phlegm in the body. In Chinese Medicine most lumps are associated with phlegm in some aspect.

-Load up on dark leafy greens, and cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc.) have an ability to filter out excessive estrogen in the body. Most breast disease can trace back to too much estrogen in the body.

-Eat foods that are great for circulating the liver: lemons, limes, dandelion, beets, and mint.


-Be proactive about preventative care. If breast cancer runs in your family, make it a focus to stay healthy. Don't wait until you notice a problem. It takes many years for a cancerous tumor to form. Take action now.

-Get regular Acupuncture treatments to stay in balance. It is not possible to live a perfect life in all aspects. Acupuncture helps to bring the body back to its normal and healthy state. It works with the body's natural rhythm so that it can heal small imbalances before they become large ones.

-Herbal formulas that can be prescribed on an individual basis.

-Adequate sleep. Our bodies need sleep and rest in order to heal.

-Self-breast massage on a regular basis.

-Avoid smoking and alcohol as they add toxic heat to the liver.

-Regular exercise. Keep that Qi moving.

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