The Benefits of Being Connected

Being connected energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to the universe around us is not only essential for our sanity, but is also is essential in order to manifest our dreams and our true desires. 

Being connected means knowing that as spiritual beings, we are all connected. Our physical bodies and our egos are separate, but the soul aspect of our being is all encompassing, meaning it fills the inside and the outside of our bodies. Instead of the body wearing the soul, it is more the soul wearing the body.

What being connected literally means is that we are able to see ourselves in everybody else. We treat everybody else's happiness as essential as our own happiness. In our society competition has become at the forefront of attaining success, or rather one "idea of success," and we often forget about other people's well-being in the search of attaining our own. This is why there are some people that have a hard time understanding why we should have universal healthcare, or free education. It is important that everyone's basic needs are met. If there are people suffering around you, your soul will feel it, whether you choose to consciously feel it or not. Help yourself by helping others; help others by helping yourself. It is one in the same. 

When we connect to the world around us, we find our place in the world. There are many different roles that are necessary in each society, and when we are connected, we are able to fit into that role and live out our soul's purpose. When we connect we allow the light to flow through us, and we become conduits of the light, spreading it to everyone around us. Not only does the light benefit us individually, but it benefits us a whole. It really is quite magical what can happen when you are connected. The perfect job falls in your lap, the stranger on the street has just the message you've been needing to hear, or a check magically appears in your mailbox right when you need it. Connection is where the magic happens. 

So how do we connect?

MEDITATION  When I meditate, I don't just sit down to find solace, and to silence my mind. I do it in order to connect to the universe around me. This can be done through conscious prayer, or by imagery. I like to imagine a white light coming down through the top of my head and flowing through my body. It can also be as simple as repeating the phrase "I am connected."  This aspect of connecting to something unseen takes faith in order to get started, and some people might think of it as hocus pocus. Once you start doing it, you will start noticing the synchronicities and  miracles that are all around you. 

SERVICE  Get involved in the well-being of your community. You can do this by volunteering at a local senior citizen's home, planting a community garden, feeding the homeless, or giving random compliments to strangers. There are many ways that you can be of service to the people and the planet around you. 

NATURE  Immerse yourself in the beautiful, amazing, vast world around you. Walk barefoot at any opportunity; hug a tree; go camping. We are a part of the earth just as much as each cell in our body is a part of us. We are but a microcosm of the earth, which is a microcosm of the solar system, which is a microcosm of the galaxy, and so get the picture. By connecting to a plant, or an animal, we are essentially connecting to the universe. It really is that simple. 

How do you connect? let me know in the comments.