This is a safe space for vegans/vegetarians/plant-based eaters. You are safe to be yourself here, and you are safe to continue eating that way. I know it’s a difficult path because so many people will try to knock you off of it due to a lack of knowledge and honestly just projecting judgment because they’ve been subconsciously programmed to think eating meat and animal products is American and manly and ‘healthy’, and so on.

It is entirely possible to be healthy and happy on a vegan/plant-based diet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. How do I know? Because I’ve tried every way of eating, and here I am on a plant-based diet, and I feel the best that I have ever felt. I made this choice for ethical reasons AND for health reasons. Am I still healing some issues? Oh, for sure. But they didn’t start while eating this way...

I think when people are unwell, most doctors and health practitioners when hearing the word vegan, automatically assume that you’re anemic and blood deficient, because society has taught them to think that way. And eating meat is a quick and easy fix—although it rarely fixes the problem. And in terms of Chinese medicine I see women and men that are blood deficient that are eating a diet full of meat and animal products. I also see anemia in their bloodwork while eating this way too. It’s not black and white. There are so many factors that go into disease and lack of health, and it goes beyond what we eat.

However, what we eat is important, it truly is. So if you need help on figuring out nutrition and how to eat well while still being a vegan or vegetarian, then I am here to help. And I won’t try to get you to change your belief systems, and I will not tell you that the only way to not be anemic is by eating meat. I have been vegetarian for twelve years and have not once been anemic. I have been eating vegan/plant-based (I do eat honey) for the past two years and have noticed many big leaps in my own healing journey.

This isn’t saying this is the only path to heal and I have no goal of getting more people on my path, but I am saying that if you have chosen the same path as me, I am here and I will support you and there is a way to find true healing and balance on this path. The world of nutrition is such a mess and is inundated with so many trends, glittery tag lines telling you this is THE way, and really just a lot of misinformation and judgment it put it simply. If you choose eating this way for ethical reasons and for a more sustainable earth, then hold onto that. It’s precious. Your belief systems are your gold. Choosing to not perpetuate violence is pure gold. It is your currency and big companies will try to buy you back any way they can.

I have a deep maternal love for animals and this has fueled me to stay on this path. I felt pressured at one point to up my protein and eat some fish. I did it, and I did not feel better. The protein thing is a myth you guys. All plants have proteins. You also don’t need the fancy protein powders to get it. There are right ways to living this lifestyle and eating nothing but French fries and soy meat is not going to help you heal. You have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You need to eat more frequently. We aren’t meant to go hours and hours on end without eating, even if eating animal products will allow you to do so. It’s okay to snack on fruits and veggies every couple hours. This will keep your blood sugars stable—a good combo of natural sodium, glucose, and potassium will keep you balanced and will keep your adrenals happy. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to live this lifestyle. I am here to show you the healthy way to live this lifestyle. I feel it is my gift to share this journey with you and help guide you in any way you may need.